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What a good year it was overall!  Despite the drought.  Despite the lack of time to process all the tomatoes that were grown.  We had a great showing of the Yellow Jalapeno, Yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnet, and the Uvilla Grande.  The Count Piagos, Aci Sivri, Afghan, and Barbados did pretty well also.  The really great thing that happened though was that some of the varieties I grew this year were grown from seeds harvested and kept from 1998!  Maybe for 2006 we'll see which 1997 seeds will allow for germination trial kicks and giggles!

Two batches of Hot Sauce were made: the red and the golden orange versions of the Flames of the Holy Spirit Hot Sauce, with the orange being the hotter of the two.  I also enjoyed making many new versions of roasted pumpkin seeds this year:

Tangerine Wasabi, Rosemary with Chile, smoky Jalapeno, Yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnet with Parsley, Hot Tequila Lime Thyme, Rosemary with mesquite, lime, chile, and sea salt, with Sesame Seed, and that long-time favorite:  Plain.

I've also been trying to perfect a smoky jalapeno process, which I succeeded with pretty well just once in my 'Try, Fail, Fail Better' experimenting last autumn.

The old greenhouse is really starting to show its age with holes.  I recently ordered some new sheeting and look forward to rejuvenating the greenhouse cover.  What with energy prices being so high though nowadays, I'm in no hurry to get the space heater going.  This year I'm going to leverage those window areas for as long as possible.

So for a change of pace this year instead of viewing photos with the Harvest Report, why not take a quick pepper tour with Jimmy!  In rough order, the peppers you will view on this tour are:

§  Count Piagos

§  Yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnet

§  Sweet Orange

§  Cyklon

§  Yellow Jalapeno

§  Uvilla Grande

§  Quadrato Di Asti Gialla Rosa

§  Orozco

§  Afghan

§  Grass Seed Head (consider it an intermission?)

§  Red Manzana

§  Aci Sivri

§  Barbados


Happy Growing!  Jimmy

January 30, 2006


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