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G>R=Green to Red; G>Y=Green to Yellow; sometimes I cite my original source

Aci Sivri – Source: Seed Savers Exchange.  Sweet, mild to medium hot chile.  Good drier. 24" plant, fruit 7 x .75", pendant, wrinkled, tapers to point. 80 days – good yield of slender 8" driers with curl at tip, origin Turkey.

Bolivian Tepin – Small, 3/4" long chile pepper starts purple and then goes to yellow, orange and red.  Fairly hot.  Very attractive in the landscape.

Count Piagos – Source:  Ron's Rare Plants and Seeds.  Large chile 6" x 2", tapering at point.  Medium hot.  (G>R)

Criolla Sella – Source: the late Oskar Goga.  This golden orange-yellow chile pepper grows to about 3" long and is at a medium heat level.  Good drier.  (G>Y)

Fatalii – Source: Seed Savers Exchange. Member of the Chinense family--a cousin to the Habanero. With ratings of 100,000 to 300,000 Scoville Units, the Habanero is supposed to be THE hottest pepper, but I bet no one has yet conducted a Scoville test on the Fatalii, which is just as hot, if not hotter, than a habanero I grew one summer.  A voluptuous and gorgeous pepper. If you know anyone who doesn't think any of your peppers are hot, this one will shut them up. 80 days--as hot and as pretty a pepper as you'll grow, plant 20" high, wide oval leaves, fruit 3x1.5", top shaped, lobed, origin from Central African Republic.  (G>Y)

Louisiana Hot Chile – This chile pepper variety grows in clumps of 6 to 12 or more peppers, or "rooster spur" style as they call it.  These chiles are about 2" long and are of a medium heat level.  Great driers.

Rocoto – Round chile pepper that goes from G>R.  Fairly hot.  Black seeds.  Leaves are fuzzy and fruits are preceded by purple flowers.

Yellow Peru – Source:  Ron's Rare Plants and Seeds.  130 days--2-2.5" bright yellow crisp fruit that grows on vine-line bush, some limbs over 5' long.  Hot but tasty yellow peppers from Peru.  Stake this pepper and watch it take off!

Yellow Cherry Tomato – This yellow cherry tomato is sweet and small and I acquired it at a friend's house.  It grows in clumps of 4 to 7.  I recently saw a picture of a "Broad Ripple Yellow Currant" variety in the Seed Savers 2000 catalog and the yellow cherry tomato I am familiar with looks exactly like the one featured.  They might indeed be one and the same.

Uvilla Grande – Source:  Ron's Rare Plants and Seeds. Small (1/2" to 3/4" long) G>Y chile pepper with sweet undertones, mildly hot.  Pleasant and perky little pepper.  Doesn't "Grande" mean large in Spanish?  Was this pepper named by someone with a sense of humor?

If you are interested in joining the Seed Savers Exchange, you may contact them for information at:

Seed Savers Exchange, 3076 North Winn Road, Decorah, IA 52101

The Seed Savers Exchange is an organization dedicated to preserving the genetic diversity of vegetables, fruits and grains.  By saving old-time food crops from extinction, the Seed Savers Exchange is able to establish a genetic arsenal to combat disease and pests, in addition to providing more people with improved food choice capabilities.


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