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This year I pushed myself to grow more new varieties. In order to make room for the new varieties though I didn’t grow a few of my favorite varieties and I am looking forward to growing those traditional varieties again for 2016! Here’s how things came out:

·        Corno Di Toro Giallo—A good amount

·        Ancho Gigantea—not enough. Pods took forever to ripen

·        Count Piagos—A decent amount

·        Fatalii—A decent amount

·        Barbados—Bumper Crop. Grown from 2010 seeds. What a great pepper

·        Red Bhut Jolokia—A good amount. Noticed some of the plants produced some Peach Bhut Jolokia so I’m guessing the seed stock I have might have a recessive Peach gene. Hmmm. . .

·        Pequin—A decent amount

·        Yucatan White Habanero—A decent amount

·        7 Pot White—A good amount

·        Pink Scorpion—A tiny amount

·        TMI Scorpion—A tiny amount

·        Amarillo Pequeno—A decent amount

·        Orangey Jalapeno—A good amount. I had noticed some Orangey Jalapenos rarely appearing in my Yellow Jalapeno during 2013 through 2014 so I had a growout of those few Orangey Jalapenos and they are a great pepper. Eventually it will turn red, but that takes so long—seven to eight weeks--you are more likely to use it while orange and fresh.

·        Louisiana Hot Chile—a Small amount. Planted late in season. Brought in two containers to overwinter.

·        Laotian—A good amount. Started with an overwintered container. Brought in a container to overwinter.

·        Chervena Chushka—A decent amount

·        Jimmy Nardello—A decent amount

·        Yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnet - A bumper crop. Like the Barbados, also grown out from 2010 seeds.

·        Red Savina Habanero—A good amount

·        Moruga Scorpion—A tiny amount. First growout of this one. Very Hot—Twice as hot as Ghost. The inside of the peppers have this wild golden orange color and texture.

·        Aci Sivri—A tiny amount. Didn’t get enough sun or optimal containers.

·        Thai—A tiny amount

So many new superhot varieties grown but I rarely ever sliced one up for using with a meal.  They all went toward hot sauce or dehydrated chiles storage or chile powder production.  Well, some went into making some hot pepper jelly and pickled chiles too, but mostly I was focused on the dehydrated form of preservation this year.  Tomato production was up. Amy’s Apricot, San Marzano, White Cherry, White Tomelo, Nebraska Wedding. I also tried to grow out some Ukrainian purple but it was too wet and shady and I think I might have only saved ten seeds out of that patch. It was the One Tomato Patch Too Far.  The herbs did great but by the time I got around to harvesting the basil seeds I was labeling them Mystery Basil because I wasn’t sure which of the five varieties it was. The Holy Basil came up volunteer in my garden like crazy! Other volunteers:  Asian Greens, Hopi Red Dye Amaranth, Ground Cherry Tomato, Dill, Oregano.  I also grew out some Pak Choi and some golden/yellow peas and beans too.  They came out okay. I even grew out some corn this year for the first time.


December 30, 2015


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