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From the Seed Availability and Desirability perspective, here’s a breakdown of the 2016 Garden:

·        Red Savina Habanero – Good growout

·        Yellow Jalapeno – Decent growout

·        Orange Jalapeno – Disappointing growout

·        Tangerine Pimento – Good growout

·        Pink Scorpion – Good growout

·        Chelano – Good growout

·        Sweet Orange Bell – Good growout but don’t seem to have many seeds (?)

·        Afghan – Decent growout but not many seeds saved

·        Laotian – Great growout

·        Peach Bhut Jolokia – Great growout

·        Red Bhut Jolokia – Small growout

·        Jimmy Nardello – Decent growout

·        Orozco – Small growout

·        Chocolate Bhut Jolokia – Decent growout

·        TMI Scorpion – Tiny growout

·        Thai – Decent growout

·        Lipstick – Good but questionable

·        Carolina Reaper – Decent growout

·        Yellow Peru – Decent growout

·        Louisiana Hot Chile – Disappointing growout

We also grew a whole bunch of Yellow Cherry Tomatoes.  Other tomatoes grown this year:  Nepal, Amy’s Apricot, Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato, Red Cherry Tomato, Baigongquongfang, and Nebraska Wedding.

The Holy Basil, Savory and Hopi Red Dye Amaranth came up in overwhelming volunteer numbers throughout the garden, along with the Merveilles de Quatre Saisons Lettuce.  I also planted some containers with cocoa mint.  The Mountain Mint also came up well this year and I was successful in germinating some Mountain Mint seeds.

January 1, 2017


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