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Note:  Typically the Harvest Report is given from the seed harvested, quality of seed harvested viewpoint, not necessarily the fruit harvested viewpoint.  Even though my Pequins were prolific this year somehow some Thais got mixed up in the container along with one plant that seemed like a misplaced Laotian, so the 2017 Pequins will officially be labeled “Not a good year” from the seed purity viewpoint.

·        Aci Sivri - Plentiful

·        Yellow Jalapeno/Orangey Jalapeno - Plentiful

·        Yellow Peru - Great Turnout

·        Louisiana Hot Chile - Fantastic Turnout

·        Red Bhut Jolokia - Good turnout

·        Pequin - Not a good year

·        Laotian - Okay

·        Pink Scorpion - Dismal

·        TMI Scorpion - Non Existent

·        Yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnets - Tiny

·        Ancho Gigantea - Decent

·        Sheepnose Pimento - Good turnout.  A great new sweet pepper to grow.

·        Carolina Reaper - A tiny amount of seed from tiny peppers grown in too shady an area of the yard.

·        Chocolate Bhut Jolokia - Decent turnout.  Not sure if it’s been mixing with Pot 7 chiles, or even TMI scorpion.

·        Moruga Scorpion - Tiny turnout

·        Lipstick - Okay turnout

·        Orozco - Late to the party.  Lots of leaves - not enough flowers and sunlight?

·        Pot 7 - Most of them were red. Some seemed to be Chocolate versions or perhaps even Chocolate Bhut Jolokias?

·        Amarillo Pequeno - Good turnout

·        Sweet Orange - Absconded by squirrels

·        Jimmy Nardello - Turned out to be Orozcos

·        Thai - Somehow mixed in with Pequins???  Not a good year

·        Tasmanian Blushing Yellow Tomatoes - Good

·        Nebraska Wedding - Sparse

·        White Cherry Tomato - Tiny amount

·        Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato - Decent amount?  I really should take a closer look at the tomato seeds.

I also tended to some beans this year, yellow peas, garlic, epazote, thyme, savory, sunflowers, basil. 

I brought in some plants to overwinter.  Some are doing well some not so well.  The Overwinter Plants:  Yellow Peru, Chelano, Fatalii, Laotian, Moruga Scorpion, Pink Scorpion.  Already had one Aphid Battle and am trying to stay alert. 

Cold weather go away - it’s time to start planting some seeds for 2018 in another six to eight weeks. 

Two red hot sauces were made.  One Hot Yellow Pineapple Sauce.  Not one Jelly made yet since before the Garfield Farm Museum trip.  Dehydrated many chiles and made six jars of pickled peppers.  Hope to make a Green Hot Sauce and another “Groceria” Brown Mole-inspired sauce this week. 

For 2018 I hope to do a better strategic placement of varieties that need to be in the sun to get some sun.  Tree growth and excessive shade in some areas of my garden this year hampered production so we hope to counter that with better strategies.

It is Seven Degrees Below Zero as I write this - Stay warm fellow chileheads.  Jimmy

January 1, 2018


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